At the inception of the Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman’s Association, memberships were for individuals. Family memberships were added in 1969. For 32 years we maintained two membership levels. Recreational fishing remains one of the activities that families do together, so over the years almost all of our memberships became family memberships. Starting in 2002 we dropped the individual membership and now only have family memberships.

A family membership includes you, your spouse, and dependent children. If you can claim them on your tax return, they are included. Exceptions to this would include situations where you have minor children by a former spouse that don’t live with you and aren’t claimed on your tax return. Your children would still be covered with your family membership. Any questions about who is eligible under your membership should be directed to our membership director.

To make things a bit more even for those who would have had an individual membership, single members will be allowed to bring a guest to club functions at member cost. If members are free, the guest is free.

We ask you to list all eligible family members on your application. This allows us to get an accurate count of club members and will allow us to issue membership cards to all members. This will let all of our members enjoy the discounts offered by our wonderful sponsors. Check out our Club Sponsors page for information on these discounts. We also ask that you list the ages of your children. This will give us an idea of what age group we have when we plan youth events.

Membership is $40 for the year. Memberships are due to be renewed every March 1st.

Membership Form

Why do we charge a membership fee?

The yearly $40.00 family membership dues go towards:

1. Monthly $10.00 awards for largest of species caught (averages about $100/month).
2. Helps to purchase raffle items (some prizes are donated by our sponsors).
3. Pays for free door prizes.
4. Pays for free Ladies and Youth Tournament and a number of club picnics.
5. Rental fee for meeting hall.
6. Trophies given out at the Awards Banquet (averages $1,100 per year).
7. Pays for some of the cost of the Awards Banquet dinner.
8. Postage stamps for newsletter that’s mailed monthly (not all have computers).
9. Yearly liability insurance for club (premium is between $800 and $900 per year).
10. Fees for two web sites and associated software.

Think about it. We get a LOT for our $40 per year.