The Association sponsors a monthly tournament that runs from Jan.1 to Dec.31 annually. The member who enters the longest fish from the eligible species each month is awarded a $10 prize at the next month’s meeting. Yearly awards in the form of plaques and or certificates are then presented at the Annual Awards Banquet in February. Entry forms and rules may be picked up at the monthly meetings or downloaded as a Adobe Acrobat file by clicking on the following link.
Monthly Entry FormYouth awards are not regulated by the size limits.

Eligible Species and Minimum Size Limits for Entry

Amberjack 40 in. Pompano 12 in.
Albacore Tuna 35 in. Sailfish Release
Bigeye Tuna 40 in. Sea Bass 15 in.
Blackbelly Rosefish 14 in. Shark 60 in.
Black Drum 40 in. Sheepshead 15 in.
Blackfin Tuna 20 in. Snapper 12 in.
Blueline Tilefish 20 in. Spadefish 18 in.
Bluefin Tuna 45 in. Spanish Mackerel 20 in.
Bluefish 25 in. Spearfish Release
Blue Marlin Release Speckled Trout 21 in.
Channel Bass 40 in. Spot 8 in.
Cobia 40 in. Striped Bass 36 in.
Croaker 16 in. Swordfish Release
Dolphin 35 in. Tarpon Release
False Albacore 25 in. Tautog 18 in.
Flounder 22 in. Triggerfish 15 in.
Golden Tilefish 30 in. Wahoo 40 in.
Gray Trout 24 in. White Marlin Release
Grouper 16 in. Whiting (Roundhead) 14 in.
Jack Crevalle 36 in. Yellowfin Tuna 35 in.
King Mackerel 35 in.