Anglers of the Year

The Angler of the Year is chosen based on a number of criteria. A point based system that favors catching many different kinds of fish over catching a lot of one species is conducted for the year. Participation in the club and other factors are also considered. After winning this award twice, the angler qualifies as a Master Angler for Life.

2013 - Jody Linthicum

2012-Rick Wineman (Master Angler)

2011-Rick Wineman

2009 & 2010-Wes Blow (Master Angler)

2008-Dave Boyce (Master Angler)

2007-Dave Boyce

2006-Chris Boyce (Master Angler)

2005-Chris Boyce

2004-Jorj Head (Master Angler)

2003-Jorj Head (Master Angler)

2002-James Wright

2001-Jorj Head

2000-Richard Bartlett

1999-Jeff Dail

1998-Dave Carpenter

1996 & 1997-Ken Neill, III (Master Angler)

1995-Bob Allen

1994-Eddie Driscoll

1993-Chris Harner

1992-Jay Mathews

1991-Harry Doernte

1990-Harry Doernte

1989-Chris Harner

1988-Jimmy Hogge

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